Whilst enjoying your caravan holiday on Bashley Park you might like to visit some of the most popular car parking areas giving access to the Forest.  They are listed in order of distance from Bashley Park, starting with the nearest.  If you require assistance with routes please let us know

Wootton bridge BH25 5TZ

Only a mile from the Park.  A lovely picnic area nestled in a valley with the river running through.  From this point the old disused railway line between Brockenhurst and Burley can be accessed.  This is an excellent cycle or walking route 

Wilverley Plain BH25 5TZ

Only 2 miles from the Park a little further on than Wootton Bridge.  A woodland backdrop to a wide open area of moorland.  Ideal for picnics and walking.  Plenty of walks from this point both over the moorland or through the woods.  The ancient coach road from Brockenhurst to Burley runs alongside the woods and over the A35 towards Burley.  At this point you can see the Naked Man   This was an old oak tree (now only a stump covered with ivy) upon which the last highwayman was hung.  The story goes that whilst hanging on the tree a strike of lightning on the tree removed all the thiefs clothing leaving him hanging there naked.  More likely the locals came and removed his clothes which were in short supply in those days.  The Naked Man is located on the right hand side as you proceed towards the A35 about 600 yards from the A35.  There is wooden fencing around it and a new tree planted beside it.


 SO41 7QD

Just outside Brockenhurst.  This location give an opportunity to picnic or walk around the lovely village of Brockenhurst or to take a woodland or heathland ramble.


A perfect picnic spot with toilets.  Lots of lovely walks over the bridge and through the woods along which the river Ober runs

Puttles bridge SO42 7QB

A little further along from Whitefield Moor.  A more quiet area where you can picnic by the bridge and river or  walk through the woods along to Whitefield Moor

Please enjoy the slideshow of the above locations

blackwater SO42 7QB

On the Rhinefield ornamental drive, one of the most popular places to visit.  Both educational and beautiful.  There is a picnic area with benches and toilets.  Walks from here include the lovely arbitorium and Tall Trees Walk where you can walk beneath the mightly pine giants.  Footpaths are all marked so no trouble with navigation.  During the walks you will be able to learn more about the trees and the work that the Forestry Commission do.   Please also pay a visit to the Knightswood Oak.  This is one of the oldest oaks in the forest dating back behond the days of Henry VIII  It is located on the opposite side of the A35 towards Bolderwood.

Enjoy the Blackwater area in the slide show below

Bolderwood & deer

sanctuary  SO43 7GQ

On the left hand side of the A35 going towards Lyndhurst the Ornamental Drive continues.  Along the winding woodland road you will reach this popular area. There are picnic benches and toilets.  You can visit the deer sanctuary where you can see the herd altogether in the field opposite.  The rangers come to feed them at 2pm in summer months.  You can learn more about them.  There are many lovely walks through the woods from this point following marked footpaths so navigation is easy.

Enjoy the deer at Bolderwood in the slide below