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A £75 retainer is paid upon booking. This is a retainer against damage or breakage and is returned to you within 7 days after the holiday has finished either by cheque or bank transfer. The retainer is not to be deducted from the price of the holiday. Upon receipt of your deposit we will send your paperwork to include an Additional Items booking form if you wish to book bed linen, travel cots, high chairs or bed guards. We will also include a Club Membership form with full instructions for the payment of the Club Membership to Bashley Park direct. Our information will advise you of check in and check out times. If you are bringing a dog we will send you a Dog Registration form also. If you have any special needs or requests please let us know on booking.


Authority to Contract
You certify that you are over the age of 18 years and will be a member of the party occupying the holiday home and are authorised to agree these Booking Conditions on behalf of all members of your party so as to bind all of you by them and so that each of you shall be jointly and severally liable for your obligations under this Contract.
The Contract is made only when your booking is accepted by us. We reserve the right to refuse any booking without explanation. We require a damage retainer deposit of £50 per week or part week. If the first day of your proposed holiday is less than 42 days from the date of booking then you must pay us the full cost of the holiday plus the damage retainer deposit at the time of booking. You must pay the cost of your holiday to us not less than 8 weeks before commencement of the holiday. No reminders will be sent to you. If you do not pay any outstanding balance of the cost of your holiday by the due date we may treat you as having cancelled your booking. For the avoidance of doubt payment will only have been made under this contract when the monies have cleared into our bank account. You must allow for any reasonable delays in cheque clearance. On receipt of your damage
retainer deposit, we will send you confirmation of the holiday in writing together with club membership application form, bed linen & additional items booking form and our terms and conditions.
Damage Retainer Deposit
The retainer deposit is a sum of £75 which is paid by you upon booking. This sum is retained by us until the holiday home is checked on your departure for damage, loss, additional cleaning or laundry or any loss as a result of your failure to adhere to these terms & conditions. The retainer deposit will be returned to you by cheque and posted within 7 days after your holiday. We have the right to deduct any sums from the Retainer Deposit should any of the terms and conditions herein contained be breached by you. Should the amount of the Retainer Deposit not be sufficient compensation in the event of breach of these terms and conditions we reserve the right to seek additional compensation to cover the cost of damage, loss or additional cleaning or laundry.
If you wish to cancel your booking you should advise us immediately by telephone and then send us a confirmatory letter. We will incur additional administration costs when you cancel your booking and we may be unable to re-let the accommodation. If the holiday is cancelled in excess of 45 days a refund of the full cost of the holiday will be given, less the damage retainer deposit which is applied to administration costs. If the holiday is paid in full but cancelled with less than 45 days notice before commencement we will use their best endeavours to re let the holiday home. If the holiday home is re-let at the same price you will receive a refund of the cost of the holiday pro rata, less the retainer deposit which will be applied to administration costs. If the holiday home is not re-let we shall be entitled to retain all or any part of the moneys that have been paid at their discretion. If the holiday is cancelled the retainer deposit is not refundable.
Changing your booking
If you want to make a minor change to the details of your booking eg a name change there will be no charge. A change of dates or any change that affects the price of your holiday will be treated as a major change. Major changes must be made at least 45 days prior to the start of your holiday and will incur an administration charge of £10. Major changes made within 45 days of the start date of your holiday will be treated as a cancellation – see above
Unforeseen Circumstances
Should the holiday home become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control a full refund will be given or alternative accommodation offered whenever possible.
The Club Membership
You can apply for Club Membership from Hoburne Bashley at a small additional charge (of which you will be informed). Payment is to be made to Hoburne Bashley. The Club Membership to enable you to use the facilities in the Club and to attend the evening cabaret. This form must be completed and signed by the main applicant over the age of 18 years. The names of all persons and children (including babies) under the age of 18 must be entered on the form with their ages stated (including babies) Persons staying in the holiday home shall be identical to those stated on the Club Membership Form, unless permission for variation has been given in writing by D & J Holiday Homes No more than four persons shall be allowed in a 2 bedroom holiday home and a maximum of six persons in a 3 bedroom holiday home. This number includes children and babies. Without the Club Membership you can be refused entry to the Club. Bashley will charge a penalty of £5 if the application form and payment is received with less than 5 days notice on a holiday of 7 days duration. (we cannot guarantee you a club membership as it is on a first time first serve basis so please put in your application immediately to ensure your place)
Park and Club Rules
You and each member of your party agree to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by Hoburne Bashley in respect of the Park and Club. These can be provided upon request.
You may bring no more than 2 dogs with you into our dog friendly accommodation. No pets are allowed in any of our non pet friendly accommodation. You will be refused access to the accommodation if you bring a pet with you when booking a non pet friendly caravan. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst on the Park grounds. No pets are allowed into the Club, childrens play park, outdoor swimming pool area, playing field and golf course areas. Dog foul must be collected by you and placed in the dog bins located on the Park. Pets must not be left unattended in the Holiday Home. Dogs are strictly not allowed on the beds or on the sofas. If you know your dog is prone to jump on sofa please use the throws provided in the lounge cupboard and leave out for laundering when you leave. We do not advise anyone who has asthma or allergies to stay in a pet friendly caravan. If such a person takes a pet friendly caravan they will do so at their own risk
Arrival and Departure
The holiday home will be available for you to take up occupation from 3pm on the day of arrival and MUST be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure. These times may be varied with consent or notice from us for weekend and midweek bookings and some off peak bookings. No refund will be made for early departure.
Number & Composition of your Party
No more than 6 persons are allowed to occupy a 3 bed static caravan. No more than 4 persons are allowed to occupy a 4 bed static caravan. This number includes children and babies. We do not accept bookings for under 18s groups. We do not accept bookings for single sex parties of three or more persons except with our prior consent.
Noise Nuisance/Behaviour
You must comply with decent standards of behaviour during your stay and must show consideration for all other persons on the Park. If your behaviour is unsatisfactory you may have your holiday terminated by the Park Manager. In these circumstances we will treat your booking as having been cancelled by you from the moment of termination and no refund will be due to you. If you or any person for whom you are responsible causes damage to any property on the Park or causes us loss you must pay such sum as is necessary to make good the damage or loss including any sums we may expend in compensating other people.
You must comply with all Park speed limits. You must not bring a van, commercial vehicle, boat or trailer on to the Park without permission being obtained from the Park Manager via us.
Accommodation and its contents must be left in an undamaged, clean and tidy condition, and all rubbish removed. You will be charged for loss or damage, replacement, additional laundry and extra cleaning time. Our duvets must not be used without sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases if bed linen is not being supplied by us. Bedding or sofa cushions must not be taken outside the holiday home. When leaving the holiday home unoccupied all doors must be locked and windows closed securely to protect its contents. No smoking is allowed in the caravan or inside any of the enclosed public buildings. An ashtray is provided for outdoor use only. We are responsible for the holiday home only and not for any of the land belonging to the Park.
The Barbeque
This is used at your own risk. We do not clean the Barbeque and it is your responsibility to clean it after use. The Barbeque MUST NOT BE used on the balcony and should be placed on the grassed area at a sufficient distance from the holiday home and balcony so as not to cause damage to the plastic balcony.
Hire of Bed Linen
Freshly laundered bed linen can be hired at the cost quoted. Beds will be made up for your arrival. We do not supply bed linen for travel cots. For a 2 week holiday clean bed linen can be supplied for the second week of your holiday for an additional week’s cost, but the beds will not be made up. We do not hire towels or tea towels.
Maintenance & Faults in the Holiday Home
If a fault should occur with the services, facilities or appliances in the holiday home you must inform us immediately. Our holiday homes are privately owned. Hoburne Bashley must not be called. If you do call Hoburne Bashley to report a fault and they carry out work without our consent at our discretion the charge may be passed on to you.
Keys must be returned to Reception immediately upon vacating the holiday home on the day of departure. You will be responsible for keeping the keys safely during the holiday. If the keys are lost by you the cost of replacement will be deducted from the retainer deposit.
Owners Rights
We reserve the right to refuse any booking
Hoburne Bashley Park Facilities
We do not accept liability for alterations of opening and closing and on the entertainment programs or Park facilities from those currently advertised.
We do not provide holiday insurance. You will be responsible for arranging your own insurance in the event of cancellation. Please note that our general insurance does not cover your valuables and belongings
Health & Safety
It is your responsibility to inform us immediately, and not to use, appliances, contents, fixtures & fittings which you have found to be faulty or consider unsafe
You are responsible for your own actions both inside and outside the caravan and to use the caravan and its appliances, contents, fixtures & fittings in a proper and safe manner.
We accept no responsibility for misuse of any contents, appliances, fixtures & fittings
You will be responsible for your own appliances brought into the caravan. If damage is caused to the caravan or its fixtures & fittings by such appliances such damage will be compensated in full to us.
No heaters are to be brought into the caravan. We can supply our own electrically tested heaters if additional heating is required.
You are responsible to supervise all children in your care whilst in occupation of the caravan.
Persons with disabilities Our caravans are not suitable for people with physical disabilities
Suitability We accept no responsibility if a customer should find the accommodation not suitable for them or any other person staying in the caravan with them. You are responsible for satisfying yourself before commitment.

I confirm that I have read and understood these Terms & Conditions and that I will abide by them

Signed ………………………………………………. (adult over 18 years of age)

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