Autumn is probably one of the most beautiful seasons in the New Forest. The changing colours from summer to autumn is dramatic. The Forest heathland is adorned with the deep russet tones of the ferns which carpet both open and woodland tundra. A carpet of brown is laid over the uplands of the open plains. The mighty oaks are shedding their lofty tops, golden yellow and shades of brown their leaves flutter down like snow flakes on the breeze. Laid to rest on the ground to carpet the woodland floor, to protect it and all that lives below against the cold winter winds whose arrival is inevitable. The forest abounds with those unlikely fungi, beautiful in their own way, delicate and magical.

The stag with horny crown rutting to stake his territory with his herd of does. The grey squirrel scurrying along collecting the plentiful supplies of acorns, seeds and berrys to tuck away for leaner times. The pigs that are set loose on the forest to rummage neath the undergrowth for those plentiful acorns that drop from those mighty oaks. The ponies with their thick winter coats graze calmly on the thinning grasses.

All preparing for the winter months that lie ahead