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Well after the storms of last weekend this week has shown us that Spring is just around the corner. We are so lucky that Bashley Park is located in a sheltered inland area and has not suffered too much during the wild weather except for a few fallen branches. We are not close any rivers and therefore we do not suffer with flooding.

The bird song has changed to a lighter more cheerful note. The Bashley crows are starting to nest. We see snowdrops and crocus just starting to bloom. Even the daffodils are emerging from their winter sleep pushing up through the soil to be warmed by the lovely February sunshine.

The New Forest National Park is closeby. Spring is the time to enjoy walking in the New Forest. Although the forest is quite wet underfoot at the moment, a pair of wellys and you are away. It is advisable to keep to the main paths until the ground has dried up a little more.

It is early yet but there is every sign that Spring is well on the way.

We are taking bookings now for the Easter holidays which will be upon us very soon. We have some lovely clean dog friendly caravans to offer. Also a fleet of top of the range, luxury range, and budget holiday homes to choose from. So please check our great prices and book early to avoid disappointment.

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I went to visit Milford on Sea again on the Sunday after the storm on Valentines night. The scene was quite different. There was a hustle of activity from both the New Forest District Council and the Army. The Army were gathering up piles of debris which scattered the whole area putting them on the edge of the road and the District Council then came along and collected these in their trucks. The car park alongside the Needles Eye Café which was covered in a deep pile of shingle from the beach was being cleared by the Council’s road sweeter vehicles who then deposited it back on the back from where it came.

Many sightseers were enjoying the afternoon sunshine, walking their dogs and generally chatting about their experiences during the storm.

Nestling on the edge of the shingle bank the Marine Restaurant was deserted with its windows boarded up. We picked up a stone outside the restaurant which would have been one of those which battered the building on that Valentines night. It was amazing to see a huge pile of shingle at the side of the restaurant which had been removed from around that area during the clean up operation. It must have been so frightening for the diners that fateful evening. One chap recalls just watching his car being tossed around by the huge waves just like a toy and slammed against the other cars in the car park. The diners had to retreat to the upper floor and had to wait for 2 hours until rescue was possible from the Army.

The sea defences go all along to Hurst Castle. Hurst Spit sea defences are are made up of huge granite boulders and shingle. The sea on that night was roaring wildly over the spit and had breached the defences about half way along. A lone beach chair sat pert under the shadow of the spit obviously thrown over by the power of the storm. The operation to repair the breach in the Spit was well underway. The Spit forms a barrier between the sea and the low lying nature reserve marshes of Keyhaven and would be under water now if it were not there.

It is an awesome power that nature has inflicted on this small community and consideration must be given to the future protection of this beautiful area of the southern coast in the New Forest

Here are some pictures of the clean up operation

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It was the day after yet another tremendous storm which hit the South coast last night. Milford on Sea was one of the worst hit places. The scene was that of utter devastation when I arrived this morning. I parked my car some 200 yards from the sea and there was debris lying all along the road including an intact patio chair sitting pert on the roadside. When approaching the seafront I could hardly believe my eyes! Debris was strewn all over what was a huge expanse of grass going as far back as 100 yards. There were beams of wood, huge 3ft chunks of concrete, chairs, cutlery, inflatables, surf boards, large stones and even a kitchen cupboard! All these items were ripped out of the beach huts which the sea had breached and smashed into hundreds of pieces. These beach huts were not just made of wood, but concrete!

Upon walking along the sea wall pathway, the wind was still gusting at over 50 mph and it was difficult to stand – yet alone take pictures – The waves were constantly crashing up against the lower sea wall just below what remains of the beach huts, sending up surges of spray on to the onlookers.

It was amazing to see that the Needles Eye café was standing intact, and serving cups of tea as usual, despite the devastation all around it. The childrens playground was under water and covered with debris. The car park beyond was a sea of broken pieces of wood, shingle, large stones and other debris. Needless to say the Police had closed it off to the public.

Further along the coast towards Hurst Spit, Marine bistro was a topic of the news headlines this morning. Many couples were enjoying a lovely Valentines evening meal when the sea broke in, hurling stones and shingle through the windows. Luckily all diners were rescued safely by the Police and Army and taken to safety. This area was un-accessable to the public. In fact on my next journey into Keyhaven the Police were discouraging people from taking the road along to the Hurst Spit as the sea was surging dangerously against the shingle bank. The road into Keyhaven village was rather flooded (although drivable) The sea was very high here, but no damage apparent.

It is awesome to witness the full fury and power of the sea, wind and waves on my own doorstep.


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Well this winter certainly has shown us the full fury of nature. Not so much cold, but wet … wet …. wet.

After a night of storms on Friday night, I took a walk with my family this Saturday 8th February from Steamer Point, Highcliffe to Avon Beach, Christchurch. The weather was showery and extremely windy. The sea was whipped up into a roaring foam, crashing against the shore. It even reached up to the sea wall in places – which is a rare occurrence. The sand from the path was being flown up by the force of the wind into our faces. When we reached Avon Run Road looking down below where the beach huts are a huge chasm has formed by the sea wall. The sea had forced its way under the tarmac walkway washing out the supporting ground causing the path to collapse. This area was cordoned off as it is a danger to the public. The waves continued to violently crash against the sea wall. Further along the path which runs alongside the Avon Run Road a huge pine tree had been uprooted and was lying precariously over the footpath – again this had been ribboned off. It is awesome to see what the full force of nature can do. Here are some pictures


Despite the weather we are open for the February half term holidays which commence this Friday 14th February through to Sunday 23rd February. Bashley Park has lots to offer with a programme of entertainment and childrens club. Our swimming pool is being refurbished and will not be open, but you can have the best of both worlds as our guests will be able to use the pool, facilities at Hoburne Naish and Hoburne Park, Christchurch – nice to have a change of scene.

Please see our Special Offers page as we have some super last minute deals & special offers for the February half term at Bashley Park.

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