Now is the time to book an autumn holiday. The New Forest is one of the most popular venues during September, October and November. The Forest is preparing for winter. The leaves start to turn into the most beautiful shades of yellow, orange, russet and red. On the open Forest the brackens and grasses turn into a lovely burnt rich brown. The squirrels start to collect their winter hoard of acorns. At this time the deer start to spread their herds deep into the forest to feed upon the rich bounty of acorns. The New Forest Commoners allow their pigs to graze in the Forest to collect the surplus acorns. The New Forest ponies are searching for those remaining tufts of green grass, their winter coats starting to grow. The evenings have a gentle crisp clean air, the mist lay over the still warm ground. The mornings are bright, crisp and slightly chill with the beams of sunshine prizing themselves between the tall trees through the gentle blanket of early morning mist.

Autumn is a special time to make calm after the busy summer months, a time to recollect, slow down and prepare for the long dark winter months which lay ahead.

What better time than to visit the New Forest.

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